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4th Tuesday each month,
Robert L. Taylor Community Complex,
1845 34th St, Sarasota

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STRATEGIC FOCUS AREA: Increase access to healthy foods  

The problem:  For some communities particularly low-income, minority communities full-service grocery stores are sparse and often at inconvenient distances. Lack of access to healthy foods greatly contributes to poor diets and rising obesity rates. In Newtown, 40% of adults are obese (compared to 21% for Sarasota County as a whole), and 21% have reported a diagnosis of diabetes (compared to 10% for Sarasota County), one of the many chronic diseases associated with obesity. 

Benefits of access to healthy foods:  People with better access to healthy foods maintain healthier diets and experience reduced risks of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. Children who start their days with school breakfast improve their test scores, attendance, and tardiness rates. Communities across the country have linked food access strategies with efforts to address economic development, homelessness, and environmental sustainability.

CHAT goals in this area

  1. Develop youth-focused activities that link nutrition education, gardening, and entrepreneurship.
  2. Foster an environment that supports access to healthy, affordable foods.
  3. Build a communication network to support strategies to improve access to healthy foods.

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