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   "Addressing Prescription Pain Medicine Abuse & Misuse"

Prescription drug abuse - a bitter pill for Florida
Prescription drug abuse has been described as the most threatening substance abuse issue in the State of Florida. The number of deaths caused by at least one prescription drug increased 102% between 2003 and 2009. This translates to 7 Floridian deaths per day.  

SafeRx - a regional response
On January 31st, 2011, hospital CEOs and health department directors from Sarasota, Charlotte, DeSoto and Manatee Counties publicly signed a proclamation clarifying their collective commitment to work together to address prescription drug misuse in 2011.  This event followed months of collaborative work on behalf of these organizations to identify key strategies to impact this issue, including:

  1. Providing local data about the prescription drug epidemic in our region
  2. Increasing awareness of safe storage and disposal of prescription drugs
  3. Providing training opportunities to medical professionals
    • Addressing Prescription Pain Medication Abuse & Misuse: A Framework for Safe Prescribing - held April 26-29 for prescribers/dispensers

Complementing county-level plans implemented by area substance abuse coalitions, this regional approach reflects the unique roles and opportunities that our healthcare providers and health departments have in addressing the issue. Representatives from the participating 12 hospitals and 4 health departments are continuing to convene throughout 2011 to share tools and best practices and evolve strategies to address prescription drug misuse.

This collaborative and comprehensive approach is garnering attention from leaders at the state and national level.

Health Provocateur Project - spearheading SafeRx
The Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) is spearheading this four-county, multi-healthcare organization agreement through its Health Provocateur Project, which includes CEOs of every hospital and health department in these counties. Since 2005, CHIP has convened these regional healthcare leaders, facilitating dialogue and urging this unique public-private partnership to serve as an innovative model for fostering and improving population health in the region.

Working in collaboration with local substance abuse coalitions 

Substance abuse coalitions in our region are working to build awareness and provide prevention services to reduce the impact of substance abuse, including prescription medication abuse, in our communities. These coalitions, along with CHIP’s Community Health Action Teams (CHATs), have joined this campaign to help create a strong, cohesive community outreach for our region.

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